Introduction to Acting/Modeling

Looking to join the industry, but aren’t sure where to start? We can show you the basics, including how to build and market your portfolio to start applying for paying gigs!

What you’ll learn

  • Character building/script analysis
  • Model movement and posing
  • Auditioning standards and improv
  • Industry basics and how to find SAFE gigs

What you’ll get

  • Custom tailored lesson plans
  • Experience in front of a camera
  • Portfolio building opportunities (potentially paid)

Our strategy is focused on helping you invest in yourself. We want to be able to refer/hire you for paying gigs in the future!

What you can expect after

We are not promising to get anyone famous. Our classes are structured around becoming a “working” actor/models, not career performers. Unless you are willing to relocate, you should only expect to be able to do acting/modeling as a hobby.

Regardless of your goals, here are some of the things we can do to help you on your journey:

  • Promotion: If you have taken our classes (or worked with us professionally) you may qualify to be listed on our website—for free—with links to your social media platforms for clients/potential collaborators to get in contact with you (see *We do not expect a commission from gigs offered to you directly because of our site.
  • Representation: If you are not yet signed with an agent, you may optionally sign a non-exclusive representation contract with us and we will submit your portfolio (alongside others) for gigs we feel you are a good fit for and attempt to negotiate pay/terms on your behalf. *We take a 20% commission only on projects we actively facilitate, you are still free to pursue additional work on your own without fee. Contracts are year to year, but cancellable at any time with notice.
  • Referral: If you’re serious about the performing arts and feel you’re ready to take it to the next level, we may be able to help you grow your portfolio so you can apply to larger, more specialized, agencies that cast on a larger scale.

Note: Auditions are required prior to attendance! This ensures we can group attendees by relative skill. — If you have not done so yet, please contact our Facebook/Instagram page to schedule yours! 

Pricing and Scheduling

Classes are held every Saturday from 4-5PM at our Studio (5763 Talmadge Rd, Toledo OH, 43623). 

Classes are $50/mo. but provide discounts on select Workshop/Events!

Toledo Talent