Photography and Modeling Workshop

Event Date:

March 30, 2024

Event Time:

5:00 pm

Event Location:

Toledo Talent

What to expect

We will start with a short introduction and some quick pointers from each of our instructors before assigning photographers/models to different rooms. Participants will be asked to cycle between each of the rooms periodically, with models rotating one direction while photographers rotate the opposite. Time will be set aside at the end for participants to revisit any of our sets with other attendees in an entirely free-form fashion.

  • Note: Participants attending as a “Duo” may optionally rotate together.



A Google Drive folder will be shared with all in attendance. Our instructors will upload their best shots for the night, and we ask that all attending photographers do so as well.

  • Note: Photos submitted may be used for future promotional purposes, so long as proper credit is given to both the model and photographer.

Current Themes

While each of these will be designed with a particular theme in mind, participants are encouraged to adapt them to their own style/preferences:

Timeless, classy, and professional. Red carpet paparazzi.
Prom dress, Suit/Vest, Cocktail dress, etc.

Focusing on capturing dynamic poses and expressions over fits.
Street clothes, punk chic, and/or stylized fits.
Note: This room features strobes and should be avoided by users with sensitivity to flashing lights.
**Westcott trigger or Cannon/Sony/Nikon Camera required.***

Dramatic lighting, effects, and/or larger than life looks.
Ren faire outfits, fairytale elements, or other fun abstract concepts.

Additional Themes?

Depending on the number of pre-registrations we receive additional themes may be added to the list. Suggestions are welcome.
Final Note: If anyone has any props/set pieces/costume accessories/etc. they feel may fit a particular theme, please feel free to reach out!


  • Pre-register online now to save $2—and help us keep our Sanity for planning.
  • Anyone attending classes may save $5 if they pre-register with their instructor.

Event Timelines

5:00 - 5:30 PM — Introductions and Explanation
5:30 - 7:00 PM — Rotating Assignments
7:00 - 7:45 PM — Free-form Collaborations
7:45 - 8:00 PM — Conclusion and Contact Exchange
Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.

Event FAQs

Photographers — Do I need to bring my own camera?

YES! Please be sure to bring your own device! *Note: If you do not own your own camera, please contact us ASAP to see about possible rental options. No guarentees can be made day of.

Photographers — What strobes do you use?

We make use of both Westcott and Godox strobes, but only have Cannon/Sony/Nikon triggers available for them. If you have a different camera type or own your own trigger for godox/westcott, please be sure to bring it if you'd like to use the flash photography stations!

Models — How many outfits should I bring?

We'd suggest bringing at least 2-3 total outfits to allow for some variety between sets. Please, as a courtesy to others, try not to bring more than what fits in a single model bag—and be sure your outfits can be swapped out quickly!   Note: We DO have a small collection of outfits/accessories available to borrow, but we cannot guarentee we will carry anything in your specific size...

Models — When/how will I get my photos?

We will be asking all participants to join a collaborative google drive for the shoot. Participating photographers are asked to try to upload their finished shots within the following month. (Featured photos for the next event will be pulled from what is uploaded.) Note: To help ensure everyone gets SOMETHING useable our photography instructors will also be taking & uploading their own shots as well.

Event Location:

Total Seats: 29 (13 Left:)
  • Toledo Talent
  • 5763 Talmadge Rd
  • Toledo
  • Ohio
  • 43623
  • USA

Event Schedule Details

  • March 30, 2024 5:00 pm   -   8:00 pm
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